Surprise ( Wordless Wednesday)

Rains continuing into October is a surprise for us folks in Pune. Of course it means we are spared the October heat.

An added surprise is this unexpected bloom on my Mogra.

It usually flowers from April onwards , and the last blooms are by end of June.

A lively surprise indeed!

I am joining Natasha in her bimonthly Wordless Wednesday Bloghop!

Wall Flowers (Wordless Wednesday)

What do you see when you walk on the road? For me, the no brainer answer is Trees but very often it’s flowers that catch my eye.

Night blooming flowers may fall down and decorate a compound wall. These Wall Flowers make the structure more beautiful!!

I am sure you will agree!!!

These beauties last only till the Sun comes up!
Fragrant !
The lovely Plumeria!
Morning harvest! Flowers and PC Nilima (Hibiscus, and Magnolia champaca)
I am joining Natasha in the Wordless Wednesday Bloghop

Amazing Ochna (Wordless Wednesday)

Its finally rained in Pune and my Ochna is welcoming it whole heartedly!

Here are its blooms .. used my phone-friendly macro lens after a long time!

Early morning!
Half an hour later
Close up
Yesterdays’s flower
That is not a bud! Its a flower from a week ago.. the sepals of the pollinated flower, close and turn red and then bloom again after a few weeks! The yellow flower is now a red ‘flower’!
The red sepals open to reveal the seeds! The seed is green initially and turns black later. The entire flower show lasts for over a month! (This is an earlier photo)

I am sure you loved these flowers as much as I enjoyed sharing with you.

I am joining Natasha in her Wordless Wednesday blog hop.