More Morning Hues (Wordless Wednesday)

A beach in Goa..
The Sun rises in Goa
The sugarcane fields were in bloom and I could not resist trying to capture the glowing inflorescence from the moving vehicle. The camera does no justice to the beautiful scene..

Posting a day late, but I am sure you will enjoy these images of beautiful mornings ..

I am joining Natasha in her #WW blog hop.

2 Replies to “More Morning Hues (Wordless Wednesday)”

  1. You aren’t late dear Archana. the linky stays live and wordless it gets even though it may not be #wednesdsay.

    Love these morning hues. Thanks for joining me on #WW. Will go live again next week.

    Happy holidays and loads of festive cheer. May 2021 be kind and dazzling.

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