Tigers Nest (Wordless Wednesday)

Last year we trekked up to the Tigers Nest, at Paro in Bhutan. It is an iconic monastry situated precariously at the very edge of a cliff at an altitude of around 10,200 feet. A visit to Bhutan is incomplete without trekking up to the Tigers Nest.

It is a demanding walk but the beautiful surroundings makes one forget time and effort. The walk is made richer as one can can spot amazing birds, butterflies enroute.

Here are a few glimpses … all images from my cell phone..

First glimpse. .there is it high up and far away…
The route meanders through an amazing Pine, Rhododendron forest .. steep in parts and gentle on the knees at others.
The gorgeous forest offers cool shade to the trekkers
Enroute one meets grand old trees!
There is a cafeteria at the half way mark.. And we got a tantalising glimpse of our goal in the distance on the opposite mountain..
Catching my breath!
Its been about an hour and half of steady climbing.. The Tigers Nest seems so close…but we have to climb down several stone steps, across a small bridge and waterfall and climb up again ..
So near..
The final climb up..
All bags, cell phones, shoes have to be deposited at this point.

I hope you enjoyed this virtual trek with me! I would love to hear from you!

I am joining Natasha in her #WordlessWednesday Bloghop!

Coffee (Wordless Wednesday)

 It takes a special effort to whip up foam in coffee.. I remember the days when I spent up to 10 minutes beating together sugar and coffee powder to a smooth paste in the cup .. this was to ensure a perfect froth when hot milk was poured in. 

Technology has ensured I now need not trouble my shoulder .. I get a perfect frothy coffee in a jiffy with the battery operated Frother!