Coffee (Wordless Wednesday)

 It takes a special effort to whip up foam in coffee.. I remember the days when I spent up to 10 minutes beating together sugar and coffee powder to a smooth paste in the cup .. this was to ensure a perfect froth when hot milk was poured in. 

Technology has ensured I now need not trouble my shoulder .. I get a perfect frothy coffee in a jiffy with the battery operated Frother! 

2 Replies to “Coffee (Wordless Wednesday)”

  1. Making that paste was what my grand daughter calls making 'total coffee'. I enjoyed the whole process as much as I enjoyed the creamy froth that floated on top of the coffee. Somehow I feel the froth from the frother is lighter and airier and lacks the creaminess….. Or am I just imaginging?

  2. @bellybytes hmmmm I dont think so.. I think the effort you put in gives it that special extra touch that a Foamer cannot !! 🙂

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