Surprise ( Wordless Wednesday)

Rains continuing into October is a surprise for us folks in Pune. Of course it means we are spared the October heat.

An added surprise is this unexpected bloom on my Mogra.

It usually flowers from April onwards , and the last blooms are by end of June.

A lively surprise indeed!

I am joining Natasha in her bimonthly Wordless Wednesday Bloghop!

5 Replies to “Surprise ( Wordless Wednesday)”

  1. Wow! Same here though the weather is now cooling a bit but it was real hot during the day time. My mogra bloomed last a couple of days ago and the most surprising is the rain lilies blooming …… It’s a delight but also makes one wonder.

    Have a delightful week ahead Archana!

  2. Even in Bengaluru, it has been raining. Met dept says it’s the southwest monsoon which, should have ended in September, but has now spilt over into October.

  3. What a treat. Even mine continued to bloom this season. The clean air thanks to covid.

    Thanks for this wondrous shot for #WW dear Archana.

    Be safe, stay well. Love.

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