The Will

The paper was blank but Meena’s mind was full of thoughts.. What should she write.. They had a Talk on making a Will and all residents of the Elder Home were encouraged to do so. She had been living here for the last ten years. All said and done she was fairly comfortable. Food, company, medical help and entertainment was quite good.

Nothing to complain really.

Meena had sizeable assets that logically had to be willed to avoid disputes later.

What should she do? Did her two sons deserve anything after the way they had shunted her off to this Home? Sonam was more worthy according to Meena.

She did not remember when she last met her sons. Of late even the video calls had stopped. She consoled herself, that her elder one was busy in his career.. after all he would soon be the MD of his company. The younger one had become a father for the second time and naturally all his free time was spent with his kids.

Sonam had been their neighbour and was the only one who visited regularly. Just chatting with her was the bright point of Meena’s week. They spoke about old times, movies, current happenings, her work. Sonam was to be a mother soon and they had booked a new flat. Meena planned to make some baby clothes for the little one.

Over the years, Sonam became the daughter she never had. The two had become quite close.

Her eyes were moist as she looked back at her life. Was blood thicker than water? Her confusion over, Meena picked up the pen and began writing her Will…

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I am joining Vinitha in her Fiction Monday series using the above photo prompt and word prompt ‘remember’.

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  1. That’s heartbreaking! But often life gives us relations better than blood relations. I am glad Sonam is there to give her company. Beautifully told, Archana.

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