Joy (Wordless Wednesday)

Urban life imposes space constraints especially with respect to growing plants and gardening.

Despite these, I nurture a small plant collection in my balconies that gives me immense joy. Spending time with them everyday is a must and a huge stress buster for me.

Here are a few glimpses of my morning joys.

My Kamini!!

Tiny delicate flowers of my Wax Malphigea
The almost translucent fruit of my Wax. It’s a bonsai in training.
I got this beautiful Fern about 20years….prepared several ‘offsprings’ over the years.
My Cherry bonsai caught me napping as it showcases these fruit. How did I miss them all these days?
Flowers of my Geometry tree. Interesting name isn’t it? 🙂
I am joining Natasha in her #WW blog hop!

4 Replies to “Joy (Wordless Wednesday)”

  1. Wow, Archana, what a beautiful balcony overflowing with lovely blooms. What is Kamini called in English? Orange jasmine right? I love their intoxicating fragrance. We have quite a few bushes in our condo and when they are blooming its a riot of scents.

    And cherry bonsai sounds exquiste too! You really have a green thub, don’t you!

    I love how you have those ferns now for 20 years!

    Thanks for this collection of verdure, on #WW.

    I go live again next week. See you around.

    Have a fabulous rest of the week!

  2. I can so relate to this Archana. The balcony space and the desire for more plants just don’t go hand in hand. We need to make the best out of it, right.

    You have made a sweet little garden and I hope it keeps bringing a smile on your face. I am hearing about this geometry tree for this first time, interesting!!!

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