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Hello and Welcome to my sixth attempt at the AtoZ blogging challenge.
My theme this year is Caring for the Caregiver. My posts are based on my experience and are not meant to be a comprehensive guide on the subject. I would love to hear your experiences..
You can catch up with my previous posts here.
With each post, I am sharing a sketch that I have done as a means for stress busting. 


Taking care of elders irrespective of whether they are bed ridden or not, can be challenging. Besides health, we have to sort out financial and other aspects as well. Living in the 21st century, has its benefits… Yes, I am referring to technology.. It has become cheap and easy to access and use and its in our interest to make full use of technology to better look after our wards. For entertainment. 

Some of the points I cover here may be a repeat from an earlier post about Bills so please bear with me. I shall not repeat those.

Gadgets like Baby Monitors can be used to keep an eye on seniors also. I would suggest using those especially for those living in big homes. This gives care givers to move away and around the house and garden without worrying about their wards.

Technology for entertainment is the most obvious use. Inability to venture out means having to bring entertainment home. This is now easily possible in the form of games, streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video and so on. Choose one or all depending on what you and your wards enjoy. Its a big boon and i say this from experience.

Besides this, different types of home use health gadgets are available e.g. BP monitors, glucometers and so on. Its a good idea to get these, learn how to use them and report findings to the doctors as advised.  

Technology has radicalised communication especially with Video calls either on Whats App or Google Hangouts or Skype. There are so many options for messaging and in regional languages too. So staying in touch is much easier.

Its up to use the make the best use of technology to improve the quality of lives of our wards and improve our own work efficiency. Research is important to help choose the best to suit our needs and pocket!

However, as I said before…

There is no one size fits all solution. 
Every family has to find something that suits them best. 
At best, posts such as mine will inspire a family to come up with their unique workable plan.

My sketch for the day ..Two actually.. these were my among my first attempts..

How do you use technology to better look after of elders, seniors in your care? 

Almost at the end of this AtoZ. How has it treated you? 

See you tomorrow folks.
Stay happy!

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