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Hello and Welcome to my sixth attempt at the AtoZ blogging challenge.
My theme this year is Caring for the Caregiver. My posts are based on my experience and are not meant to be a comprehensive guide on the subject. I would love to hear your experiences..
You can catch up with my previous posts here.
With each post, I am sharing a sketch that I have done as a means for stress busting. 


Being care givers means having to take umpteen decisions (about medications, therapy, finances, diet choices etc etc) for our wards. In addition to the stress and responsibilities of our own lives. This can double our load mentally.

It is vital to share our fears, reservations with a trusted person. It can be in the form of a support group or spouse or sibling or friend. A person whom you know will keep your trust, and not end up convert your thoughts gossip fodder. 
One can also write a diary or blog .. anything to let off the steam.
Group activities can also help share and relieve the loads of our minds.

Whatever the mode, sharing is important. It can also lead to help find solutions to some problem we may face as care givers. 

However, as I said before…
There is no one size fits all solution. 
Every family has to find something that suits them best. 
At best, posts such as mine will inspire a family to come up with their unique workable plan.

Here is my sketch …

Art therapy, Pune

See you tomorrow folks!
Stay happy!

2 Replies to “S is Share”

  1. One of the best things our family did was to have a family meeting. We included my husband's parents, siblings (and their spouses) and our adult children (kids under 18 stayed home). I had a written agenda, which I shared in advance. A few people submitted topics they wanted to ask about (again, in advance). We were able to cover most of the questions that everyone had at the time. We came up with a communication plan and an emergency plan. I was especially impressed by the fact that I left the meeting feeling so supported. Everyone expressed a desire to help our children at this difficult time. And I think that we all felt heard and loved. My husband stayed home so that we could speak freely and frankly. I later shared the high points with him. Sharing your burden with those who care makes a huge difference. Quit a Bad Habit to Avoid Burnout

  2. Thank you Heather for sharing. The family meeting is a great idea and brings everyone on the same page. There is no scope for misunderstandings. Sharing does indeed make a huge difference.

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