U is Unique

Hello and Welcome to my sixth attempt at the AtoZ blogging challenge.
My theme this year is Caring for the Caregiver. My posts are based on my experience and are not meant to be a comprehensive guide on the subject. I would love to hear your experiences..
You can catch up with my previous posts here.
With each post, I am sharing a sketch that I have done as a means for stress busting. 

As you would have noticed, I have repeatedly said, “every family has to find something that suits them best.”
Which means a Unique solution.

I have tried to bring out various aspects that care givers have to deal with and some methods to deal with them. What is suitable for me may not work for others and visa versa.
We meet many people who love to advise us on what should be done to look after our wards. Often these are just empty words, never backed with concrete support or facts. This sounds harsh but is true. 

I know of a very old couple who is happily living in a centre for assisted ageing. Another who has chosen to stay in their own home with several helpers. Another lady has chosen to spend 3 months alternately with her daughters while another gentleman is staying alone. One lady has moved to a new home closer to that of her daughter so that the daughter does not need to commute to look after her mother’s needs.

The immediate families of each are comfortable with their own set up as it works for them. The wards and caregivers are both happy to the extent possible. 

Each family has created their own Unique solution.

Ageing is not easy. We have to make the best of the situation so that everyone is happy and comfortable.

However, as I said before…
There is no one size fits all solution. 
Every family has to find something that suits them best. 
At best, posts such as mine will inspire a family to come up with their unique workable plan.

Today’s sketch is of a vase lying on the mantle.

See you tomorrow folks with the V post!
Stay happy!

2 Replies to “U is Unique”

  1. Hi Archana. You are right about how each person's situation is different. We cared for my husband at home until he died, but I am young (44) and we had a lot of family support. Especially near the end, I thought about how hard it would be for an older person, or someone with any physical challenges to do what I did. For them, having care in a facility is the right choice. If you keep in mind the safest and best way to care for your loved one, you will do well.

  2. @Heather… Please accept our condolences. You are brave and strong. It takes a huge will to think in the manner that you are.. God Bless you and your family!

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