R is for MahaRana Pratap Udyan

This garden is officially called the MahaRana Pratap Udyan and is tucked away on an important arterial North-South Road of the city. The neighbourhood is mostly residential and borders a very busy commercial area. I realised it was extremely popular with families when I visited as many relaxed on the lawns, played games and enjoyed  the greenery in the very heart of Pune. 

A bust of MahaRana Pratap is located almost immediately after the gate. He was a King of Mewar in what is now India’s Rajasthan state. He was among the few rulers who stood up to the Mughals. An inspiring and fearless King whose deeds are still recounted with fervour. 

Gardens, Pune

This garden also has a memorial to Shaheed Captain Sushant Godbole who laid down his life fighting terrorists in Jammu. We are safe in our cities only because of him and all our armed forces personnel who are unquestioningly  guarding our borders for the safety of their fellow countrymen. 

Installations in this garden should be an inspiration to young minds. Besides these, there are the by now ubiquitous manicured lawns, tiled walkways around the perimeter, trees and a few flower beds.

Pune, garden, udyan
Kids enjoying!

Entry: Free
Timing: 6AM to 11AM and 4PM to 8.30PM
Drinking Water: Available (Quality not checked)
Rest Rooms: Available (Hygiene not checked)

Another “R” park that finds a mention in this post is the Raja Mantri Udyan not because it is something spectacular but because it was the park where I began my research for this series! I spotted a white powder puff in bloom here, a somewhat uncommon tree.

Info: Raja Mantri Udyan
Entry: INR 1
Timing: 6AM To10.30AM and 4PM to 8PM
Parking: On the road 
Drinking Water and Rest Rooms: Available

Location Map here

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  1. Very interesting. And it's truly lovely, a place that looks like one could spend some quality time with reflection.

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