Dwarpal At Ellora (Wordless Wednesday)

Aurangabad, UNESCO, Ellora

Ellora, Verul, Aurangabad

Located on either side of the famous Gajalakshmi , these Dwarpal welcome us at the Cave 16 Kailash Temple. The sway of the trunk is significant. Those seen when exiting this temple have their heads turned inwards which suggests farewell.

Knowledge Strength Wealth (Wordless Wednesday)

Cave 16, Ellora, Entrance, Ganesh
Ellora, Kailash, Gajalakshmi

The carvings at the Cave 16 Kailash Temple at the Ellora Cave complex near Aurangabad convey several thoughts to the visitors. It is imperative to see these along with a knowledgeable guide to fully understand and appreciate this magnificent work. Ellora Caves is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The entrance has three statues which signify that 3 things are necessary to create a structure of this magnitude .. namely knowledge, strength and money.. this is respectively depicted by the statues of Ganesha, Mahishasurmardini and the Gajalakshmi. 
(As told to us by our guide).

No image can do justice to the site and I strongly recommend everyone to visit this magnificent site. 

Water (Wordless Wednesday)

 These are images of the Purification Fountain we saw at the Asakusa Temple in Tokyo. The water is not meant for drinking. Visitors must use the ladles to take water that flows out into cupped hands and rise them both. Some water must be used to rinse the mouth but the water must not be swallowed. It has to be spit outside the fountain.