B is for Bonsai

In general, there are a lot of misconceptions about. So the idea of a bonsai garden would be equally new. I have not visited any of the famous collections – YET – a situation that I hope to rectify in the future….  A ‘B’ post seemed to be an ideal platform to write about the ones that I have seen.  

This garden would obviously be made so that to focus a visitors attention on the bonsai trees and if possible add to its beauty. Here is an excellent in depth article from Bonsai Empire that talks about displaying bonsai trees. 

Here are some images:

Trees at Ssrup Bonsai and Garden

An interesting use of a broken pot at Ssrup Bonsai and Garden

My friends have set up their bonsai ‘gardens’ in building terraces or even in balconies. My own collection resides in my balconies and their places keep changing as the sun moves southwards (in winter) or northwards (in summer). With these constraints, the display is not as I would want it to be but then in a space challenged city, I am not complaining!

My Jade that is still has some way to go…

B is also for Botanical Gardens. Pune has its share of those but sadly despite so many botany stalwarts and botany enthusiasts (not students!), these gardens could have be in better shape. Almost every Science college has one and I have visited many of those.  The one that stays with me for sheer diversity is the Fergusson College Botanical Garden. My ‘Here Maps’ shows me a botanical garden at Spicer College but no one seems to know much about it. I shall have to find out soon…

Have you visited a bonsai garden or a botanical garden? Do share a link in the comments below.

15 Replies to “B is for Bonsai”

  1. My father has talked about having a bonsai garden for as long as I can remember. He hasn't done it yet.

    1. It takes many years to create a bonsai. Rhonda, Maybe your Dad has some trees in training and a garden will come up soon. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. oh wow!! Bonsai is like a dream to me. I have been meaning to start with it since last year. It's so fascinating. Your Jade looks beautiful 😀

  3. I've always wanted a bonsai since reading the novelization of The Karate Kid Part III when I was a kid. The bonsai was such an important part of the story and they placed such high regard for the plant that it always fascinated me, and stuck with me to this day.

    Lame, I know.

    1. Do start growing a bonsai. Join a local group to start off… Old mature trees look majestic. Thank you C. D Gallant -King

  4. I inherited some bonsais from my dad, who enjoyed the tending and cossetting that they needed. Alas, all but one have gone now, and it's a sturdy English oak that remains. I hope it will spring into life in the next few weeks, since I've had it for about 12 years now, and that's probably how old it was when I got it.


    1. Your so lucky Jemima to inherit a bonsai. I would put that at par with inheriting jewels or money!! I am sure your Oak will break into leaves once winter ends. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  5. Fascinating…B for Bonsai. Archana I often try not to miss the Horticilculture fairs because it is there that I get to see those fascinating mini mini trees…some as old as a huge tree itself.
    Thanks for visiting me and thus leading me to your zen ful post. 🙂

  6. Love the images. Thanks for sharing–they're beautiful 🙂

    New follower here from the A to Z Challenge!

  7. Beautiful Jade bonsai you got! Bonsai is a lovely art. I have never tried it myself. I always visit the botanical garden of the cities I travel.

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