Mirror Mirror On the Wall…

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”
A quintessential question, whose reply we always want in our favour. 
Fairest, Slimmest, Fittest or “Bestest” of whatever we are striving to achieve.

When we exercise, we need a mirror and its not to admire our beautiful branded attire or spot early signs of flab. When exercising it has other more important uses, namely to check our ‘form’ or posture when doing the movements. This is especially applicable when we workout without a personal trainer. The reflection when we do the Squats or Lunges or Pilates will help us maintain correct position of the spine, keep the head neutral and so on. Gym regulars will agree there will be plenty of distractions around and a mirror is useful to maintain focus.

Home gym

Some of us have installed gym equipment at home or workout at home. Make sure to have a good full length mirror on the wall where you exercise. It is your friend to avoid hurting yourself due to wrong postures when exercising. 

Of course there is a diametrically opposite school of thought which is against gym mirrors. The reflection may be a deterrent some experts have said. Read a report about such a research here.  


Disclaimer: All
suggestions are general in nature. Readers are advised to exercise
caution before implementing them and seek expert advise about what is
suitable for their specific needs.  

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4 Replies to “Mirror Mirror On the Wall…”

  1. Positions are important. I don't have a good spot to put a mirror, and often wonder if I'm doing more harm then good………sometimes, that's my excuse not to exercise. I wish I had a partner to exercise with, that would be helpful.

  2. Excellent point! New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge, and I look forward to visiting again.


  3. Thank you Sandy. Working out without a mirror is ok but one has to be doubly conscious of posture.

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