Lunges are almost a perennial feature of every lower body workout and depending on the fitness level, the type of lunges may vary. Basically the movement consists of putting one leg forward, bending the knee of the stationary leg till it almost touches the floor and then returning the front foot back to starting position. 

As for squats, here too, do not let the knee of the forward leg jut out over the ankle. Begin with the weaker side (usually is the left for right handed individuals and visa versa) and then repeat the set for the other side. This is an excellent way to workout large muscle groups of the hip, thigh, knee and core muscles as well. The dynamic movement also helps improve our balance. Better balance reduces risk of injury and improves overall function of our body during cycling, hiking etc.

To increase exercise intensity, use bars or hand-held dumbbells. In this WebMD slide show, lunges have been included in a list of 7 most effective exercises. A good enough reason to include them in your workout isn’t it?

Some trainers advice Reverse lunges or Static lunges as well. 
Go on, get away from the computer and get moving! 
Stay Fit, Stay Happy!

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