Are you fully Empowered?

What does womens empowerment really mean? Is it restricted to access to education, financial independence, taking control of one’s relationships, jobs and so on?
Probably many women particularly in urban India may have these choices- what they choose to do is of course their prerogative.

Yet, I find that when in a crisis, we tend show symptoms of the what I call ‘damsel in distress’ syndrome!
Put simply it means we just throw up our hands and expect someone else to sort out the problem for us.
Example: car battery suddenly discharging (of course she forgot to turn of the lights when parking!), a flat car tyre, computer glitches, inflated utility or other bills particularly when the husband is away or gadgets going unserviceable -they always seem to do so when I am around 🙁

Sounds familiar?

While it is always helpful to have get someone else to de-tangle such knotty issues, its important that we know whats to be done…
Here’s what I suggest:

  • Update your contacts list be it on your cell phone or the ubiquitous diary with names and latest phone numbers of providers like emergency car recovery garages, hardware repairmen (taps, electric switches uncannily know when you are alone), helpline numbers of your bank, telephone and Internet providers etc
  • Keep these in an easily accessible place.
  • Learn some basic ‘fault finding’ in gadgets you use. Dont throw away booklets provided with your gadgets. Refer to them when some equipment goes unservicable, you may be able to fix a minor problem yourself.
  • Learn how to change a flat tyre. Besides refuelling your vehicle, check tyre pressure, PUC and insurance validity.
  • Exercise regularly and stay fit so unexpectedly having to carry some weight or walking two kms is not an issue
  • Make sure you follow traffic rules particularly when with your kids-you will set a poor example for them… In keeping with the topic of this post, arguing with the traffic cop, paying a fine or worse finding that your vehicle PUC is out of date is a more than uncomfortable situation…

Learning and doing these basic jobs in no way takes away from our ‘femininity’!
Then our empowerment will be truly complete.

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