The Short List

They say a soul chooses its parents (which family it is born into).. So unknown to us, someone somewhere is ticking off prospective couples for suitability to being parents. The important factor is ‘unknown’. Each one of us must have had made this choice and will be subjected to one or more later. Its only later in life that we may remember the choices made or are subjected to.

These days kids learn of the ‘short list’ quite early in life- starting from her admission to pre-school though the barely three year old may not know much about eligibility of her candidature… (I refer to both boys and girls, the word used is ‘she’ solely for ease of writing!!)

Yet the kids brave on from class to class, exam to exam till they leave their schools behind and are set for several more rounds of short listing for many more academic laurels. Mind you, their actual merits will now pale before several ‘worldly’ factors like connections to important and influential people, performances beyond studies, a glib tongue (very useful in group discussions and interviews) and financial strength. For some being ‘under served’ may be an advantage but who is decide on what qualifies as underserved?

So the young adults, armed with degrees from self styled ‘top’ colleges enter the bad bad world, all keen to make it to the top of the corporate ladders. There are more shortlists- to chose life partners, the dream home, car, jewelery, invites to page 3 events etc etc

By now they have been shortlisted for cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease just to name a few, which just sends them to the top of the short list to exiting their careers for health reasons. Suddenly being on a shortlist does not seem at all attractive.

What happened?

Should we only live to be chosen for something or take life head on do our bit and leave the rest to the Final Authority? All this sounds good and noble but is not easy to implement.
As my friend said, when difficulties arise do not say ‘Why me’ instead say ‘Try Me’!
That will put the ‘short list’ in its correct place and not give it an undue importance.
Think about it…

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