Thumbs up for Fighter Pilots!

Fighter pilots are a breed into themselves. This is something that must be experienced and no amount of anecdotes can make you aware of this fact.

Superficially one sees the signature aviator glasses, dashing uniform and a dynamic personality immortalized by Tom Cruise in ‘Top Gun’. No one can remain unimpressed when faced with such raw energy, charm and their sense of humour. Their ability ‘to think on their feet’ is something that all of us must try to imbibe.

Dig a little deeper and you will find that pilots in general tend to be different from other professionals, fighter pilots in particular. It could be because of the rigorous training they undergo combined with the very nature of their flying that can be unforgiving or close knit relationships they form in their flying units/squadrons.

Before I am accused of exaggeration, here is scientific proof of some of these differences:
A University College London study has found huge differences in brains of pilots of fighter aircraft in comparison to a control group. Researchers used cognitive tests and MRI scans for the study. It is not yet known if people are born with these differences or they are acquired later. (Read the study here or copy paste the following in a new browser:

In a country increasingly enamoured with fat pay checks and ivy league MBAs, such studies can help encourage youngsters to take up a career in military flying that is often only associated with low pay and dangers.
Happy Landings!!

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