Football Fever (again)

Here we go again…
The Jabulani ball indeed has captured our imagination like no other…
In Zulu, Jabulani means ‘To Celebrate’- read this ET article that describes the Jabulani’s India connection (
Shakira’s Waka Waka is another World Cup product that will linger long after 10 July 2010 (day of the final)!

Shakira performed ‘This Time for Africa ‘ at the inauguration of World Cup 2010. The song is called “Tsamina” or “ZangalĂ©wa” by a group called Golden Sounds of Cameroon. This link gives some information on the song’s background(

From what I gather “Waka Waka” means ‘Do the job’.

The catchy number is infectious and won unlikely fans- women (baby boomers), children and those from a staunch Marathi upbringing as well. I’m sure it lends well to an energetic aerobics floor workout as well…
For those of you who are not Vodafone users (the service provider offers downloads of the number), Sony Music Entertainment has released a CD of World Cup songs called ‘Listen Up’.

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