Getting an admission into a professional course (after Class XII) or some post graduate courses in a Maharashtra state educational institution often calls for a domicile. While students do their bit by studying and parents by saving necessary funds over the years there are some more things that demand planning.

The most important is a domicile. Its important to first find out if the course you seek admission to needs one. Let me caution you that this is not just another certificate that can be ‘got’ after your results. A relative of ours said she actually ‘garlanded’ the certificate once they got it. This may seem like but is not an exaggeration. It takes time, plenty of patience and several documents to get this certificate.

It helps to get your certificate well in advance- anytime from August to December is good. This way you can avoid the admission rush in April/May/June .

In Pune, one has to visit the ‘Nagari Suvidha Kendra’ located at the ‘godowns’ next to Kamagar Putala, behind the Shivaji Nagar Court premises. The office timings (as of June 2010) are 10 to 5 and closed on second and fourth Saturday of every month. Most submissions are done only in the pre-lunch session.

Usually when we visit any government office the place is buzzing with ‘agents’ who are happy to do your job. However I was surprised to find this place totally ‘agent-free’. There are several notices (all in Marathi) that describe the process to get any of the several documents they issue.

The domicile form costs Rs 2. Its in Marathi and we were advised to complete the same in Marathi as well. Fill in all details however tedious they may sound. Depending on your fluency and Marathi literacy levels this process can become time consuming. Collect all documents as per the check list on the last page. This includes things like school leaving certificate, proof of residence in Pune for last ten years (electricity bills- one for each year)… Those children born in Maharashtra but not in the state for last ten years will need another affidavit (cost Rs 100 and to be made in this office itself) from the applicant’s father in the stated format about having been outside the state.

Collecting necessary certificates is the crux.

The next step is to prepare an affidavit. This HAS to be made in the above mentioned office itself and has to be in Marathi. (Cost Rs 20). The queue is long and in rush periods one can have to stand up to lunch time (1.30PM) or even return the next day…
Thereafter affix stamps on your form and this affidavit. These are available in the Court (a good 15 minute walk). If not one can buy them from a vendor outside the ‘Kendra’ but obviously at a premium.
The affidavit and form (with stamps affixed) must be ‘checked’ at another counter- obviously another long queue.
Once done, you can submit the form, documents and affidavit. The clerk again ‘checks’ everything and gives you a slip with the date on which you are can collect your domicile- usually after about five days. You will have to pay Rs 20 again.

There is more…

Certificate collection is between 3-5 PM at the above office on the specified date only. Reach early. The process is as follows. The officer calls out names (thankfully via a loudspeaker) and one has to wait for their turn and then rush forward to the window with all skills you have developed when claiming a prize for a round of ‘Tambola’ (also called Housie or Bingo).

If for some reason you ‘miss’ your turn then there is a second round when all remaining names are called out once again. If you are still absent then the forms and certificates are sent to the Collectors Office and you have to collect it from the Nagari Suvidha Kendra there.

If your form is rejected for some reason (many are) then you get a letter stating reasons. Resubmit with revised or necessary documents at the Collectors Office Kendra and collect it from this office.

This entire process without hiccups can take up to 10 days- more if you miss any thing.

Now you know why my relative felt like garlanding their domicile!!

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  1. Loved the stark humour – terse and uptight!
    This is the case with all our education institutions – i shudder going to Mumbai University.

  2. Yes, admissions now are so much more than just marks. The documents one has to provide can be most tiring to get…
    Thanks for reading!

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