Vitamin M

Folic Acid is at times referred to as Vitamin M.
But this post is not health related. Its about yet another vital nutrient necessary for wellness.
Vitamin M with M for Money….

Having sufficient funds for all our needs and wants is what will give us mental peace. A good high paying job or successful business usually is an abundant source of Vitamin M. That will take care of EMI for a swanky flat, an enviable car, admission to the ivy league schools for your kids, designer everything and so on…
Life’s cup may seem to brim over with plenty.

Is it? Really?

Vitamin M is extremely expensive. Getting such doses of Vitamin M (for above mentioned benefits) necessitates a high price namely long hours of work, stress, irregular meals, no exercise, tons of coffee cups and often improper nutrition. I don’t have to tell you what this combination brings on…
We always crib about what we don’t have (a bigger house, another car, more jewellery etc). Do remember to rejoice some important things that you don’t have such as:
High Cholesterol
Heart disease

High Vitamin M levels do not necessarily translate to physical wellness.

My favourite question to patients- Do you slog 24X7 only to give away a considerable part of what you earn to the medical fraternity? Just as we pray to God to give us lots of Vitamin M, so does the doctor!!

In our race to achieve all that “I want” we often overlook or sacrifice basic things in life. Good health, hobbies, relaxation time to name just a few.
When you make your wish list each year do remember to add these things.

This does not mean we can do without Vitamin M. One has to find a golden midpoint and strike a WORK-LIFE balance.
Think about it!
Stay well!

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  1. Very true and relevant in this time, many do not understand value of good health and peace of mind:)

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