Katkon Trikon

In Marathi this means right angled triangle. Katkon Trikon (काटकोन त्रिकोण) is a two act Marathi play that deals with relationships in a urban joint family particularly the generation gap. The characters are tremendously realistic and one can easily relate to the developing story line. Dialogues draw from modern city life and succeed in keeping us entertained and touch the deepest chord simultaneously. Dr Vivek Bele has authored the play and also acts as ‘Rahul’ – son of Aaba (Dr Mohan Agashe in a superlative performance). He is torn between ‘Bhakti’ his wife and father as the story plays out minor sounding personality clashes that soon become a full fledged emotional war that ends up with Aaba falling off their fourth floor balcony.

Is this a suicide attempt or an attempted murder? Or is it a genuine accident?

Dr Agashe plays a double role as Bapat, the CID inspector who is investigating the case. He systematically investigates events that led up to the fall and in a humourous often acidic manner dissects their relationships with each other. Like Bhakti he does so using fundamental principles of geometry opening their eyes to the loneliness of a single ageing parent.

The play scores on its dialogues, acting, timing, theme. Majority of the audience for the show we attended were easily above 60. I do recommend it for baby boomers as well though they may not fully agree with the way the play ends.

The story does end up showing only one side of this sad state in our society. Seniors too have their share of ‘eccentric’ behaviour which jeopardises relationships. This could have been brought out somewhere- probably a good theme for another play.

This is the link to the Katkon Trikon blog has upcoming schedules for the play. Don’t miss this one.

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