The First 20

Finally I achieved crossed this milestone. No I have not just crossed out of my teens, nor is it a weight loss target!!
Today I could cycle 20kms which included three steep inclines. I had turned back several times after 15/18 kms and this seemed like a huge barrier. Why 20? I don’t really know, seemed like a round figure and a good place to start. Does it mean I will take up long distance cycling? Time will tell.

It was an exhilarating drive to say the least.

However some unexplainable points that beg a mention:

  • Why do people walk on the roads when there are perfectly good and clean footpaths provided by our PMC? This allows dogs to treat footpaths as their personal fiefdom.
  • Bougainvilla or palm fronds that look so beautiful along roads are a huge hazard. How? The branches are usually always hang out so much that they hit our face as we cycle past on the edge of the left lane.
  • Stray dogs are a threat as they tend to chase cyclists : ( I faced one such incident and have no wish for a re-run. I usually slow down to a crawl when I spot a canine from afar much to the anger and disappointment of my fellow cyclists!

If one can manage to overcome these barriers, its a great exercise. Try it. Get on the road early so you avoid traffic.
I certainly do not adovate cycling as a mode of transport to office or shopping as of now. Too many issues- time consumed not to mention you would arrive sweaty and dusty for work and difficult to carry around your laptop and other accessories so much a part of the new age office set up.

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