Of Car Colours and Brands

I recently came across this article that talks about car colours and insurance premiums and human personality. I know that colours are associated with emotions but this was new to me. 

I would like to go one step beyond this.
Are car brands associations with certain personality types limited to flaunting ones wealth, social status or machismo? Have you observed performance of  hatchback/ SUV/ sedan and multiple other passenger vehicle category drivers that zoom past us at signals, on highways, tiny streets and by lanes, at day or night? 
More often than not a particular brand recurrently tends to jump signals, overtake persistently from the left, honk endlessly and generally make their presence felt when driving on roads. Some incidents often get known by their car types more than the incident itself. Read this and this and this
Similarly there are some vehicle types that are ones that I found to be maximally adhering to traffic rules. 
One thing I know for sure. The presence of a female pillion rider almost always sends the speedometer of any two wheeler driven by a young male, zooming in the clockwise direction. 
Whatever be the psychologists’ verdict (on relation between behaviour related to road safety and traffic rules and car brands), safe driving is as important to a driver, vehicle occupants as it is to pedestrians and other vehicle drivers.
Follow traffic rules.

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