We Are Like That Only

Being an avid shopper and firm believer in ‘retail therapy’ I seized the first opportunity to read Rama Bijapurkar’s “We are like that only”.  Besides all those wanting a ‘pie’ of the Indian marke, this book is also a must read for consumers. 

Our decisions on why we choose a particular soap, TV, car or paint affects the fortunes of these corporates. As consumers we must know how each of our decisions is analysed or interpreted. 
Written in a simple easy to understand style (there is enough management jargon and figures for the corporate honchos)  “We are like that only” takes an in depth view of all aspects of our lives. 
Even the evolution of the marriage market has come under the scanner. 
Though not a conventional thriller, it certainly will hold your attention all through. The book was published in 2007 but thoughts expressed therein continue to be valid.
Read my review here.
Happy shopping! 

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