At last, a Plant Hotel!

Each time I have to move out of Pune for more than a day, my biggest fear is for my plants. My small bonsai collection, few perennials and the usual foliage pots are my extended family. I had read of a ‘hotel’ for pets when owners travel or are on a holiday and desperately felt the need for a similar plant hotel.

Quite by chance I came across an article about Plant Doctors in the Good Housekeeping magazine March 2009 issue. Green Carpet – The Garden Centre offers a home for plants when we are away. They have centres at Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Surat, Goa, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Coorg, Cochin and Pune (Hooray!)… According to the article, the centre also offers help for a sick plant. Click here to visit the Green Carpet website. Location addresses are available on the ‘Network’ bar on the home page.
I have yet to use their services but for those with travel plans this summer holidays this may be worth checking out. Those of you who have experience of this or other such centres, do share your views.
As for me, I can now plan a holiday this year that I was partially avoiding due to my plants. 
Happy Holidays!

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