Shoe gate

Its election time and in the current financial environment, politicians should be ready for the worst and I don’t mean only in terms of tough journalists’ questions and an irate and disgruntled vote bank.

Along with former US President George W Bush who had a shoe thrown at him other global leaders too have faced the same fate. The same offending flying object made its way into our Home Minister’s press conference yesterday.

Channels and other media are thoroughly dissecting this incident so let us just think what it means going forward…

  • Security prior to entry to hallowed precincts to be graced by the political VIPs will be toughened. In addition to leaving behind our belongings, we would have to leave our footwear outside. But what of other tools like pens, stinky socks etc…
  • Politicians must undergo training sessions to learn ‘duck and smile and stay cool’ techniques before addressing a press conference. By the looks of things, the current lot have done very well.
  • In addition to learning tricks of journalism, newbie journalists and old ones too must undergo training to improve accuracy in throwing shoes.
  • Boost decision making skills for journos- is one shoe enough, go for both of a pair or also take up the neighbour’s shoes. Others must train to hold on to their ‘soles’ if an emotional journo tries to grab their shoes.

Will the paradigm change to shoe being mightier than the pen?
What do you think?

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