Massage undoubtedly has several benefits. It has been in vogue since ancient times across several cultures across the world. Ayurveda accords tremendous importance to snehan (massage) as a preparatory to Panchakarma treatments . 

Do inform your therapist if you are under any medication or are allergic to any thing. Also select a therapist with necessary qualifications to administer the massage.

Some conditions where it must be avoided are as follows:

Thrombosis of Veins (blood clots)
Varicose veins
Skin conditions like eczema or other contagious conditions
Open cuts/wounds
Cancer/ Tumours
Rheumatoid arthritis
Recently healed fractures
Recent surgical procedures
Pregnancy (subject to which area to be treated and which month)
Recent scars
Certain abdominal conditions
Go ahead and Relax and Rejuvenate!!

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