More about car colours and insurance premiums

My last post was about the relation between car colours and driving skills (06 May 09). To my surprise the Economic Times dated 11 May 2009 also carried an article on similar lines – relating car colour to insurance premium. Read the entire article here.

Their take was that vibrant coloured cars may end up paying higher premium as they are more susceptible to accidents. For insurers’ better visible colours like silver are less risky and may carry lesser premium. The article cited Rahul Agarwal of Optima Insurance Brokers as saying that “insurers who have conclusive data on the colour factor may tweak their premiums to charge more or less.”

If this works out then one may have to think before buying that red fast number to zip through the city. 
Irrespective of  what wheels  you own, remember drive safely. For someone waiting at home for you. For yourself.

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