Womans Day

Despite so called progress, Women’s health continues to be an area of concern both physical and mental.

Irrespective of whether she has a full time career or not, a woman is expected to perform her ‘duties’ at home – of course she may employ an army of servants but the onus is on her to see that the home functions with clockwork precision- the fridge is well stocked, daily menus are varied and nutritious, kids continue to score top results at school or college, social obligations at weddings, poojas etc are met …. She may of course pursue her own hobbies within whatever time she can spare from all this…

Most of my friends in this positions manage all hats wonderfully but most are already victims of backache, acidity, anxiety disorders. With such a busy schedule obviously her own health gets last priority always making do with temporary measures. A recent Assocham study published in the ET dated 07 March 2009, confirmed that 68% of working women in the age group 21-52 years had lifestyle disorders.
These are serious numbers and should not be taken lightly.

I firmly oppose this ‘Day’ mania – But this is one day that certainly warrants its presence. Each woman must remind herself that wealth, a soaring career graph, health and well being of family members/ subordinates is all very good and noble but not at the cost of her own health and well being. Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi’s thoughts on her challenges as a mother and working woman are mentioned in this article.

Remember it is possible to attain our goals only if are fit to do so. Having achieved the pinnacle, it is also important to be healthy enough to enjoy the lofty heights!

So all you workaholic super mom’s out there, slow down.
Devote time and attention to your own health.
Take up power yoga.
Book that spa package.
Join a bellydancing class.
Switch off your phone.
Walk barefoot on the lawn.

Try it. For a better you. For a better world.
Corporate success is not the only kind of success. Each one of us is successful even if we¬†don’t occupy the corner office.
Happy Healthy women will make a Happy Healthy society!!


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