White Lily and Night Rider

A common feeling among family members, friends is that despite talking all the time we actually do not communicate. With misunderstandings galore there is obviously something missing. Within a home, it can cause a family to break up. 
White Lily and Night Rider‘ is an one act ‘experimental’ play that deals with communication  issues prevalent today. Often trust that is the basic premise of all social transactions is lacking. Two individuals may speak, write/mail/message each other but do they really convey what they want to say? Does the other person understand?
Milind Phatak and Rasika Joshi who have also written, directed the play and coordinated the sets and lights have explored such facets.

A couple in their late 30’s chat anonymously on the Internet and decide to meet with the option of marriage. What transpires is both hilarious and poignant. Has the Internet made us afraid of real life issues?  Along with the protagonists we too may question the foundations of relationships… Are we living our real self or is it hidden away inside us waiting for a virtual release? 

Though the play is in Marathi, me thinks this topic is valid for all. 
Make it a point to watch White Lily and Night Rider. 

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