Health is Wealth

This old saying obviously meant that being healthy is the best wealth for a person.

Yet now it can have a different meaning- from the medical providers point of view. Obviously they are into this profession for the love of it AND to make a livelihood.
Medical establishments have grown from being one man stand alone shows to huge set ups. Hospitals, path lab chains are now registered entities. This obviously means they must report profits. I am told that some set ups have ‘targets’ for CABG (open heart bypass surgery)… 
Obviously the ‘patient’ then becomes a consumer and should be eligible for protection under consumer laws. Often those affected by a mis-diagnosis or carelessness prefer to ‘let it be’ after they get relief from a second/third opinion. 
While advertising was a almost a taboo for the medical profession some time back, we have huge hoardings, television commercials, print ads for medical products like artificial joints, diabetes and weight loss solutions (without dieting or exercising) just to name a few. Surgeries are available as ‘packages’ ! 
Does this strike a warning bell? 
They say one’s friends circle must always include one who wears a white coat and one a black one. (Doctor and a Lawyer). 
I would prefer to exercise regularly, meditate, set achievable goals and try to be happy and avoid going down this street as much as possible.
What about you?
Take care

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