There have been several bravehearts in the operation to end last week’s attack and siege in Mumbai. 

Here are articles about some of them that are available on cyberspace.
Sub Inspector  Tukaram Omble was instrumental in the arrest of the sole terrorist who could be apprehended alive. Click here to read an account of that encounter. 
VD Zende an announcer at CST’s suburban hall, helped reduce casualty number at the railway station. His presence of mind in the suddenly evolving crisis speaks volumes for dedication to duty. Read about it here.
The fire brigade too chipped in. Read about it here.
It goes to show that before waiting for the authorities to arrive, its for the people who are actually caught in the situation to show courage and presence of mind.
Are you updated with first aid proceedures?
Do you know how to use a fire extinguisher?
Do you have the local police numbers stored for easy access?
Do you have the local hospital/ambulance number stored for easy access?
If your answer  to all above questions is not ‘Yes’ then you know what is the first item on your must-do list…
Take care all!

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