Sawai Gandharva Music Festival 2008

The annual musical feast for Hindustani classical music lovers begins today as is usual at the New English School, Raman Baug, Shanivar Peth. To be held over four days the 2008 festival is particularly significant as Pt Bhimsen Joshi the founder of this festival has been selected for the Bharat Ratna.

Those of you who could not manage to buy ‘season’ tickets you can try your luck at the venue itself. However do remember that security has been tightened this year. Bags, water bottles and cell phones will not be allowed inside. There are usually many food stalls so hunger pangs should be taken care of.

Here is a brief overview of the program. Please note that the list does not indicate sequence of performance by the artists.
11 December 2008,1600 hours onwards:
Tukaram Daithankar( Shehnai)
Krishnendara Wadikar
Suhas Vyas
Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma (Santoor)
Pt Ajay Chakravarty (Vocal)

12 December 2008, 1600 hours onwards:
Farhan Khan (Sitar)
Anuj and Smriti Mehta
Prasad Kharpade
Devaki Pandit (Vocal)
Malini Rajurkar (Vocal)

13 December, 1600 hours onwards:
Ganesh and Kumaresh
Arshad Ali
Madhup Mudgal (Vocal)
Pt Rajan Sajan Mishra (Vocal)

14 December 0800 to 1200 hours:
Pt Ronu Majumdar (Flute)
Pt Jasraj (Vocal)
Vinayak Tovi
14 December 2008, 1600 hours onwards:
Tejendra Majumdar
Srinivas Joshi
Aruna Sairam
Madhura Dandge
Prabha Atre

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