Mumbai Ground Zero

What is happening to India?
As Mumbai bleeds it is for each one of us to extend a helping hand, put a balm in whatever way possible.
The most important thing is to know that as citizens we must be alert, responsible.
Not to give in to rumours and media reports that often only sensationalise the issue.
Going by their performance in past three days, they seemed more keen to be the ‘first’ to report something. Long haranguing debates and blame games.
Our prayers with the soldiers and other men and women who have braved this assault, their families who bear pain, indecision and grief.
Here are some voices, please click to read more:
Industry captains react
Little information, comfort from the government
India Inc calls for strong security apparatus in financial capital
What the international media had to say
This is a very relevant article in Marathi in about how so called ‘Breaking News’ is actually detrimental. The Sakal dated 29 Nov 2008 also carries a similar article on the front page of how misleading ‘Breaking News’ can be.
Firebrigade men, Mumbai’s unsung heros

Jai Hind!

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