Sach(in) or out?

Now for the other famous Men in Blue!

The Wall has crumbled exposing the debris that we call Indian cricket.

The game is a sure unifier for this cricket crazy nation. A mass opiate giving instantaneous highs and equally deep lows! Lose a match and its almost like we have lost a war.

Yet one feels let down with the amount of politicking that goes on for the powers that be to get 11 men together in their blues.

And now. The captain resigns and yet another vociferous debate.

Every channel , newspaper and website worth its salt devotes endless minutes and pages to this topic.

Is it worth it? Does it really affect our daily lives. Improve them any bit?

Our best wishes for the next captain who ever he may be! Sach in or not…..

Go for it guys, our sports ambassadors in blue! Play for the country! Play a clean game!

We are proud of you!


Why Blue?

A very relevant question.

To me its the colour of the wide unending blue sky….
All covering, all protecting
yet instills fear that may fall down on our heads if anything goes drastically wrong!

Its also the uniform colour of our brave military pilots!
Yes the men (and women) flying the iron birds and doing such a wonderful job to protect our skies.

Most of us don’t even recognise their existence except when some skirmishes begin with neighbouring countries. Some see them as rescue workers in case of floods or other natural calamities.

Yet we owe much of our feeling of security and comfort to the hard work they put in! The hardships they bear. The risks they take.

Think about it the next time you hear a fighter jet streaking past overhead, leaving behind a white trail just in case you failed to spot it on time!

Yes, A yen for blue!



After a long period of debates and arguments I have finally come to this point and have this forum to share my e-thoughts…

What do I feel?

Free Independent

Free of undependable editors

Ready to soar into the blue sky

Blue black white grey – clouds of all colours

Free to bring out gems glittering in the daily grind we call life

Free to enjoy Life

Enjoy the Fine things in life

Every tiny moment matters

Like a spate of green signals on the way home from office

Unexpectedly finding a Hundred rupee note in the pocket of your winter dress

Daily garbage clearance

So many things

Lets ruminate on this for now

Dream of the big blue sky