Nani’s nuska for dry cough

Winter or summer weather is most unpredictable these days. It often gives rise to nagging dry cough in children as well as adults. Pollution only adds to the woes . Here is formula handed down my family that I have found extremely effective. Obviously it is not a substitute for a visit to a doctor or medications. Those allergic to any ingredients, please use discretion.

Roast 10 whole cloves on a gas flame using tongs.

Similarly roast 10 whole cardamoms.

When cool, pound the two together to a fine powder.

Mix in about 4 tsp of honey. Honey made from ‘jambhool’ is most effective, else any variety will do.

The sweet n spicy potion is ready! Store in a tightly closed jar.

Consume 1/8 tsp at a time, three times a day.


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