2016 April AtoZ Theme Reveal

Its my fourth attempt at the AtoZ Blogathon, one that I plan to use with a purely selfish purpose… Let me give you a brief background..

My theme for the 2015 April AtoZ posts was Gardens in Pune. It took me around my city and I got the opportunity to discover some relatively unknown fantastic gardens. I am really glad that these posts helped me guide a few friends to visit and enjoy some of these gardens. Yet another positive development was a Times of India report dated 16 November 2015 about a proposed study by the Physical Education Department of the Savitribai Phule Pune University to survey major public parks in Pune to develop a plan to maximise use of open spaces in the city. Wow! My survey had revealed that some parks already had or were in the process of installing exercise equipment which folks can take benefit from… 

I have realised that 26 April AtoZ posts need a lot of research and I stand to benefit if I choose a topic that about which I want more knowledge. I have been observing trees for a few years and the most important aspect of identifying a tree is to be humble. 

Look Down. 
Fallen leaves, flowers, fruit provide vital identification clues. It was under these trees that I noticed carpets of beautiful flowers on tiny plants. What were their names? When would they bloom? Are they native plants?

I have decided to use my 26 posts in the April 2016 AtoZ to try and identify such plants. Botanically speaking they are herbs – which means the plants are small, they bear seeds and its parts are not woody. However generally speaking, the word herb refers to ingredients used to flavour food like spices and condiments.  

This means that a herb can be a spice but a spice need not be a herb!

A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal 3-21-2016

Without much fanfare, as you may have already guessed… my theme for the 2016 April AtoZ is Herbs. I have taken the liberty to use either their botanical names or local names to comply with the AtoZ theme. At my stage in the study of field botany, I am happy and satisfied to be able to narrow down the identity of a plant to the genus level. Its been a journey that has been eye-opening and humbling as it literally got me on my knees…. as I had to reach down to photograph, observe the specimens. Majority of the chosen herbs are only a couple of feet tall and the flowers are about the size of a finger nail. 

Obviously there are several species for every alphabet but I shall write about only one and mention a few more. Most of these are ones seen in and around Pune or during my travels. Where ever possible, I shall include my source for identification or a clue about identification in the field. 

As usual, some alphabets have been a huge challenge… 

There is so much beauty to be enjoyed if only one looks.

Do join me as I embark on a herbal AtoZ this April!


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  1. Oh, I love your theme! I use herbs for making herbal tea but I just buy them at a store and believe what's on the packaging is the same as what's inside. I used to know a little about identifying plants, but not much.

  2. Informative! I will be coming back to read your posts. Good luck with the challenge πŸ™‚

    *Something's Cooking is also signed up for #AtoZ*

  3. Using your training to provide a good resource during the challenge is a fab idea, Archana. Have a great month of blogging!

  4. This one is an informative and insightful theme. Looking forward to refresh all that I learnt in Botany years ago. Cheers, Archana!

  5. I could definitely learn something from this blog since I really need to improve my knowledge of herbs. I enjoy cooking with herbs, and looking at native wild plants, but I feel I could make a concerted effort to learn more about these.

  6. Thanks Leanne. These purple flowers are Cleoserrata speciosa and its an image from a friend that is among my inspirations for this theme.

  7. Herbs are such an important part of our lives. Good you're dedicating an entire month to them. All the best to you, Archana!

    – Chicky Kadambari @ mysteriouskaddu.com
    Β Β  Twitter | Facebook | Google+

  8. This is sure to be educational for me as I don't know that much about herbs. Looking forward to your posts!

  9. Awesome! I love learning about Herbs and will look forward to your posts! ~Lori~

    Lori @ As the Fates Would Have It
    Lori @ Promptly Written

  10. Hi Archana..
    Your theme looks really interesting.. and I hope to learn a lot from your posts πŸ™‚
    See you in April πŸ™‚


  11. There are so many interesting herbs out there. I bet you'll highlight a few that will be new to many people.
    Elizabeth Hein – Scribbling in the Storage Room

  12. Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth. I do hope to post something new for everyone all through April. πŸ™‚

  13. Herbs are so varied and useful – I look forward to your choices. Good luck with the AtoZ πŸ™‚
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

  14. I was rubbish at botany in school, field or otherwise πŸ™‚ Your theme is informative and useful. Maybe will plug the gaps. Best of luck with the A-z

    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016

  15. Your April posts would be insightful. So we would be knowing something cool.

    Keep it up. See you on April 1 πŸ˜€

    The Solitary Writer – A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

  16. Okay I ve been blog hopping and I am reading about interesting themes but this ones like totally standing apart..
    will be coming over to read more about herbs and yes added your theme reveal to BlogChatter website so that more of us drop by !

  17. Awesome! I'd love to learn more about herbs and especially those that are also spice. For me food is not food without them. I also love tea so yeah… your Theme is my cup of tea ^^. Good Luck!


  18. Thanks for stopping by riandurants! It will be a pleasure to read your blog all through April.. πŸ™‚

  19. Wow! This is my first time at the challenge and I am so amazed at the amount of hard work and research that bloggers put in to write such authentic posts..


    Seena from Thinking aloud

  20. That's a wonderful theme to inspire yourself to research in a field of interest. Kudos to you Archana for putting your knowledge in the field to good use via this challenge. looking forward to your posts πŸ™‚

    The Era I Lived InΒ 

  21. We are kindred spirits. I know the names of so many small plants. It is fascinating to me. See you during the A to Z challenge.
    Ann Bennett @annbennett12

    Too Much To Choose From
    Science Ladybug

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  23. Love the smell of herbs in my garden. #Rosemary is gorgeous

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