The Maps

The month of April 2015 was pretty hectic as I had to write posts daily and visit different gardens to gather information for these posts! That is when I realised that I had not mapped the gardens I have blogged about. So here are the garden locations!

This is the map put up by the Pune Municipal Corporation that actually sparked this theme.

As you can see I have covered almost all directions of Pune. This was only possible due to unstinted support from my husband and daughter – for bearing with delayed meals, restaurant take-aways, accompanying me to some parks and even chauffeuring me to some! Thank you! 

Its now time to relax and catch up with other fantastic blogs

2 Replies to “The Maps”

  1. That's awesome, I hope others in your area take advantage of your map and info to visit these gardens, I know I would if I were there.

  2. I thought maps would be a good idea! Hope it helps.. Thanks for your encouragement Sandy! 🙂

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