J is for JJ Garden

J is for JJ Garden and strangely I actually ventured into this garden because of the highly popular Vada Pav stall (some label it as the best) located at the park gates. Vada Pav is a typical Maharashtrian fast food and is a deep fried potato patty eaten sandwiched in a Pav (can be loosely described as bun). Cheap and satisfying food of the first order which can be eaten on the go at any time and any place! 

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Hey, this post about gardens not food so lets enter the park. Unlike others we have visited so far on the A to Z tour, this one is managed by the Pune Cantonment Board. 


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Trees have motivational quotes.  This one says “Happiness lies, first of all, in Health: George Willian Curtis”
Oriental style gazebo

The park trees have boards with interesting motivational quotes – though I dont know how many people even bother to read them. I saw a lovely Soap nut tree bearing fruit as also really big Banyan and Tamarind trees. For some reason there were large Putranjeev (also called Child life tree) – but their pretty drooping green branches more than made up for downsides of the garden. 

Located as it is in the hub of the commercial area, the garden is quite noisy but the kids playing there did not seem to mind it one bit! The garden could be better maintained and it has scope to be a wonderful resting spot in this very busy area of Pune.

Entry: INR 1 single entry ticket
Parking: In adjoining lanes
Rest rooms: No
Location Map here

10 Replies to “J is for JJ Garden”

  1. I have to admit that I couldn't look beyond the Vada Pav for quite some time. I am so hungry now and craving Vada Pav, which is not a good thing as the only way I can get it is by making it. 😛
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  2. He he… Vada Pav is one of my favourites.. Hope you got round to making it. Thanks Shantala.

  3. Rightly said Archana…simple things bring maximum joy. And what could be more joyful than a walk in a park which has interesting features apart from plants and trees and bees and butterflies…. and if you want to munch on something then some great Vada pav.
    🙂 thank you for sharing this and also for sharing mine.

  4. Thank you Charlotte. You must taste Vada Pav if you happen to visit an Indian food outlet in your country.

  5. Recently tasted Vada pav. Yes it took all these years to finally open a vaa pav point in our town! And the park? I would have loved the combo 🙂

    Just Listen

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