Push ups, Plank and so on

Push ups, Plank and so on are  yet another group of excellent all body exercises that demand good core strength. Don’t be deterred if you are unable to do the full push up or think your core strength is insufficient, ‘cos these exercises will also help strengthen those muscles.

Basically the moves use the body weight as resistance. Put very simply, it just demands that we support our body weight by using specific muscles that’s all. No additional dumbbells, external weights. So it should be easy right?


Well not completely. These are challenging exercises and must be done correctly (with correct posture and alignment) to get most out of them. As mentioned earlier, these can be considered among the most effective exercises. For newbies or those just starting out, modify the push up as depicted in slide 9 (nine) of the above slide show. If you can do the full push up then go ahead and increase the reps gradually. It takes a lot of practise and strength building to reach double digits or higher.

Exercises in this category do not need additional equipment (hence no need for additional expenses) and can be done anywhere (even in a hotel room if you are travelling).

Its possible to take pushups to a much higher level by doing single handed pushups or pushups on a Swiss ball or even with dumbbells. Believe me these require tremendous strength and are not for newbies.

The Plank is a sort of static push up, an isometric exercise that involves maintaining a certain position. It can be down in different positions and should be taken up after you have been exercising for a while. Always begin under supervision. Here is a link on how to do the Plank.

Go on! Get away from the computer and get those muscles moving!


Disclaimer: All
suggestions are general in nature. Readers are advised to exercise
caution before implementing them and seek expert advise about what is
suitable for their specific needs. 

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