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MG Road in Pune is not what it used to be. In its halycon days it was the place for high end shopping, the road for the classes (not masses) to shop in. The advent of the mall culture has eroded its illustrious status and slowly but surely it has lost its position as the premier shopping destination in the city.

Popularly called “Main Street” it retains its olde world charm, as almost all establishments take the mandatory Puneri afternoon siesta… Malls or not, these shops are shut every afternoon and the weekly off continues to be Sunday instead of Monday like most other shops in the city. Some of the shops will take you back in time to the British era with their quaint wooden panelling, wooden steps and decor of an age gone by.

Marzorin is one such cafe (if we can call it so) housed in a building that can easily be from the last century. Its biggest claim to fame are its sandwiches.While I dont much relish their mayonnaise, there are those who will sing its praises. What I love best are their macaroons- the almond ones. Buying those had become an annual ritual for us when we came from our distant bases. Their taste is unchanged over the years but size certainly has reduced.

Marzorin. Pune
Enjoy the view on the bustling street
Pune, MG Road, main street
Almond macaroons

Main Street, Pune, old building
 Marzorin is a great place to just sit down and soak in the atmosphere of this road. The Pasteur bakery next door also offers reasonably priced cakes but if you are looking for exclusive gourment stuff, you better look elsewhere. Budhani located just across the street shows is known far and wide for its Batata chivda (a savoury snack made from fried potato strips). These are just a few places on a foodie trail on the Main Street- one that demands you to first tear up your calorie chart!

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