King of fruits

Can there be any one fruit that can be crowned ‘King’ among its brethren? For us here in Maharashtra, there is not much of a contest really! And the title goes to…

Mango…. Alphonso mangoes to be precise. Though botanically all types of mangoes (and there are several – each variety is of a different size/taste and ripens at different times) go by the same name Mangifera indica

The Mango is a summer fruit that first puts in an appearance sometime in late February in its raw form. The green paisley shaped fruit is devoured raw, added to foods, chutneys to lend a unique sour taste or made into a refreshing drink called Panha. The ripe fruit (and I refer to the Alphonso variety) are usually available by end April and subject to the flowering and weather conditions earlier in a year, the produce is available all through May.

Like all fruits it can be consumed raw but it can be added to many dishes to lend its own unique flavour. Icecream, Milk shakes, Kulfi, Shrikhand, Sooji halwa (semolina), even rice and stuffed rotis (flat indian bread made with wheat flour) are just a few examples and the only bar will be the Chef’s creativity!

Make sure you eat mangoes this summer, not just any mango, the Alphonso!
And ignore calorie counting if you want to truly enjoy it.

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