Say what you will, it has to be admitted that modern life is lived instantaneously.
We have instant foods that are ready to eat in one minute only. Why bother with elaborate preparations and slaving over the gas in the heat when all one needs to do is cut open a pack?? So we have instant coffee, soups, ready to eat meals, an endless array of breakfast cereals, instant energy bars… 
Never mind that they may be laden with sugar or salt or preservatives. Convenience wins!

Messaging is yet another form of communication that occurs instantaneously and which has saved us from the agonising wait for the postman. So now our mail and messages follow us everywhere. So one receives meaningless ‘forwards,’ info about revised deadlines/an absent team member, social network updates in the middle of the night just as we are falling asleep after a long long day at work or when travelling to office horribly still- when on a date or on a holiday. But we accept it all as an unavoidable ‘add on’ to the fat salary that we covet every month.

The list can go on but we need to slow down and enjoy the journey of our life. Try it, once. You owe it to yourself.

5 Replies to “Instantaneous”

  1. I try and limit my time on computers and cellphones as much as possible – it really bothers me that so many people feel that everyone should be available to them at all times. fortunately, my job requires that cellphones be turned off, so I have 8 hours of peace every day. As for "instant" food, I believe it should be a once-in-a-while emergency staple, not a steady diet!

  2. I understand the need for convenience when we are all trying to do more with less, but we're really doing ourselves a disservice by losing the ability to wait for things.

    Enjoy A to Z!

    Jenny at Choice City Native

  3. Well said. I have too many elderly friends who run off for fast food instead of having a nourishing meal at home.

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