Honey Honey Honey

Honey is well known to offer several health benefits, I need not really go into them all here. For a long time I assumed that all honey was the same. Yet some years ago I found a vendor selling honey of different types… I mean one that was based on different flowers. So there was orange blossom, jambhul, etc.

From experience I know that honey that is derived from Jambhul flowers is especially helpful for dry chronic cough. The irritating cough that often keeps kids awake at nights. I can vouch that this works like magic for adults suffering from dry cough as well. I use Madhusagar Honey

While simply eating a spoon of honey works it is best had as described below. I learnt it from my mother and she from hers.

So here goes…
You will need equal quantities of cardamom and cloves. Hold each with a pair of tongs and let it ‘burn’ on the gas flame. Pound the blackened cardamom and cloves in a mortar and pestle, add a generous quantity of Jambhul Honey and you’re ready to go.

Its a sweet spicy tasty concoction that kids and adults will devour without any complaints!
Try it!
Disclaimer: I have no vested interests in mentioning the above brand of Honey. Its one that I have used and trusted over the years. Any other one will give same benefits!!

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