Ever Changing

Impermanence is the very essence of life, they say.
Change, constant change… Irrespective of whether we like it or not/ want it or
not/ have actively sought it or not…

Here are some changes I have noted over the years, not
necessarily in any order or their relation to technology/science… I have tried
to highlight instances where the change has reverted to its earlier status…
Cell phones were big heavy models when they were first
introduced. Over the years, their size reduced to a pretty small size and once
again we see bigger models. To see someone talking on the (massive) so called
phablets” is quite a strange site!!
A long time ago (when plumbing or other urban water
distribution systems were not developed) we used buckets to carry water for
whatever or wherever it was needed. Then came the pipes and taps and the bucket
was relegated or even dispensed with. We have fancy faucets, high-tech showers,
non-corroding pipes, concealed plumbing and so on… However with looming water
shortage and the urgent call to conserve water, experts have again urged people
to use buckets….

In India, important documents (like land records, bank
accounts and so on) require a signature but illiterate individuals need to put
in a thumb impression. However it was noted that signatures can be forged or it
is difficult to process documents when a sick person is unable to sign or when
a person’s signature changes due to age … It was always known that each person
has a unique finger print. Suddenly taking finger prints has become popular and
often an important method of identifying the person. All that some official documents now need are finger prints irrespective of a person’s
educational or financial status- no signatures anywhere.
There may be many more such ‘changes’. Have you noted
any? Do share with us.

4 Replies to “Ever Changing”

  1. How things change! The only constant in life is change. I loved your post thank you. Things get smaller and smaller –
    everything changes – I would be writing until midnight if I got started!

  2. I hope THIS gets through as I posted a moment ago and it disappeared! It changed into nothingness! I enjoyed your post thank you .. the only constant is change.

  3. Stopping by from a-z, and am not convinced that big changes are all for the better. Interesting ones you highlighted!

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