Dare I?

It can be considered early days in this April 2013 A to Z Blogging Challenge. I had considerable hesitation before I joined up. Should I? Can I? Dare I?

Actually such doubts have plagued me at almost every important junction in my life especially once I entered my third decade. Should I? was my top question when I quit my job in a top orthopaedic hospital. I never did give myself time to fully answer it but went ahead and resigned. After a gap I began independent practise and that was when I was hit by the “Can I” blues… As it turned out they were quite unfounded as my patients progressed well. Still a few years later, I decided to stop my Physiotherapy practice which is when “Dare I” set in.

You see, that is what I have been trained for, so trying my luck in a totally new stream was something that scared me some what. What if I cannot succeed? What if I end up with a huge loan that I cannot repay? What if this, what if that… I was engulfed by doubts but somehow I shrugged them off.

I began writing and surprisingly I found some success. Ofcourse, my family’s support all through the period was a big boost. Looking back I can see that my doubts were unfounded.

The same ‘Dare I’ plagued me recently when entering this challenge. Travel, domestic commitments, infrastructure problems (we face electricity outages in our part of the world) and so on and so forth the biggest being lack of inspiration!! I initially planned to go a themes but did not. However you will find that many posts are related to plants which was the first theme that I thought of.

I planned the posts but was stumped by “D”.


(Btw, that’s the upper case D in the Edwardian Script font size 72 in my MS Word doc)

Yet here I am and hopefully will survive this challenge with some interesting posts!
Wish me luck!

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  1. Great post! You sound like a very interesting person. I'm glad that you've joined the challenge.

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