Floral Feast

The last few weeks have taken me away from my workdesk which explains the long interval from my last post. I came across several beautiful plants, trees and flowers during my journeys making me wonder if I should contemplate another work change!!
I am not a shutterbug but these images do capture their amazing colours and shapes.
Here are some of the beauties for you. I could identify some, some are for you to identify…
A feast for your eyes!

(Tip: you can click on any one image to watch a slide show- however the captions may not be visible there)

Hazari mogra
Hazari mogra

Glory lilly
Glory Lilly

Rose apple
Rose apple blooming

Coral tree
Coral tree

Is this golden Jacobena
Flower turns into the leaf

White inflorescence
Test yourself: name this tree…

Purple trumpet shaped flowers on rope like peduncles, trifoliate leaves
One more test…
Epiphyphylum oxypetalum
Commonly called Brahma kamal: Epiphylum oxypetalum

Passion flower
Passion Flower

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