Kas Pathar – A need to protect

Its that time of the year again but this time round Punekars are thirsting for rain. The weather has turned cooler, the sky is overcast and often filled with menacing black clouds. Yet there is not a drop of rain (oh well, ok… a few drops), nothing to prove its the peak monsoon month.

July end, August is also the right time to visit Kas, which is Maharashtra’s own Valley of Flowers. Located off Satara, its a lovely stretch that is few kilometers long that is bare and barren all year round. Yet come the rains, the seeds that lie hidden and dormant in the rock crevices and few strips of soil spring to life and live out their lifespan in a space of a few weeks. The plants grow, bloom and disperse their seeds all in a short time span. Hence those keen to view or study these species must visit Kas only in this period. These ephemeral species are found only here (or few grow in other similar geographies in Maharashtra as well).

Now that the Western Ghats are on the coveted list of ‘World Heritage Sites” its vital that we do all we can and more to protect this invaluable natural treasure.
Those considering visiting Kas, please please do not damage the
surroundings, throw garbage, trample on the blooms or even bring them
back home (they will not survive). I am not sure of the status of flowering this year (2012) considering that the rains are playing truant. Here are some images captured in 2011 of the beauty in store.

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