What’s in a name?

Some years ago, I wrote another post with a similar title. Repeating it could mean:

  • lack of ideas on my part (wrong)
  • repeat post (wrong again)

OK lets not stretch this… Unlike the previous post where I wrote about MY name, this is about names of women. Rather, roads named after women…

Interested? I recently read this article on the BBC website which mentions that very few roads across cities in the world are named after women. Immediately I turned to my city and looked around trying to identify such roads here in Pune.

Horror of horrors Pune city too seemed to be bitten by the same bug as has bitten the ‘road naming’ authorities world over. I assumed that roads are named after people who have made important social, medical, scientific, cultural etc contributions to society or under political compulsions…. Logically this should include both men and women. Yet for every 8-10 roads named after men, I found only one road named after a woman.

I have found no reasons for this strangely skewed ratio.

From my limited search, here are the roads I located. Of course some of the names were only surnames so it could have been either that of a man or woman so we must give the benefit of a doubt…

  1. Kumidini Pednekar Road
  2. Kashibai Khilare Road
  3. Kamlabai Bhat Road
  4. Dr Banoo Coyaji Road
  5. Kalika Devi Marg
  6. Savitribai Phule Road
  7. I was unable to confirm if the famous Laxmi Road is named after Rani Laxmibai or the Goddess or any one else…

Can you spontaneously reel of names of 10 roads named after women in your city/town?

So what’s in a name? Nothing or everything, depending on your point of view.

Until my next post, do read names of roads you travel on. Thanks to our zealous corporators, most Pune roads now have big blue signboards.

And yes, if you find more such names in Pune, do write in. Please do not endanger yourself in trying to read such sign posts and always follow traffic rules.

I have not included names of “Chowk” (Squares”) but I guess they warrant inclusion as well. We must update that meagre list above…

Take care!

P.S: Adding to the above list:
8. Adarsha Mata Sonumai Joshi Path

P.S.S: Thanks to inputs from all my friends I am happy to add more names to our list. Please scroll down for the new additions.

9. Sarla Nivrutti More Path
10. Laxmibai Vishnu Sane Path
11. Shobha. H. Kolte Path
12. Rashtramata Jijamata Marg

Updating the list on 29 Dec 2014:
13. Iravati Karve Marg
14. Minatai Thakre Road
15. Kamlabai Bhat Road

Update on 02 May 2015:
16. Kai Vimlabai Shankarrao Pachange Path

Update on 07 Dec 2015
17. Swargiya Vijayatai Kenjale Path

Update on 22 Dec 2015
18. Kai. Shrimati Gayabai Shyamgiri Gosavi Path
19. Kai. Jaai Bapu Vairat Path
20. Nargis Dutt Road

Update on 22 Jan 2016
21. Kai Shalinitai Khunte Path

Update on 26 Mar 2016
22. Dr Annie Besant Road

Update on 23 Sep 2016
23. Kai Sau Ramrati Ranulal Rathi Path

Update on 12 Dec 2016
24. Late Smita Patil Road

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